Open Asset Import Library / assimp

• Open Source library to load more than 30 different 3D file formats - i.e. Collada, FBX, 3DS, X, OBJ, BLEND, LWO ... and convert them to a unified data structure. It also offers many built-in tools to prepare 3D assets for various uses.

Assimp started back in 2008. I'm Co-Founder of the project and author of a good share of its codebase. I also do routine maintenance and release management.

The library is written in C++ and offers both a C and a C++ish interface. There are bindings to many other language ecosystems though.



•  3D Puzzle-Adventure for XBox Live Indie Games (XBLIG). Released in 2012 after 9 months of development as part of XBLIG Indie Uprising III. Entropy is a blend between a classic adventure game and physics-based mazes set in a surreal 3D environment (with an emphasis on lighting effects). The game seems to polarize people: they either like it or they consider it the most boring game ever done.

Entropy (80 MSP) [...] is the most beautiful XBLIG in three dimensions that I've laid eyes on. (

[...] the best controlling first-person game on the platform. It even looks good too [...]. (

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Online Model Converter

•  Online tool to convert 3D models from any input format - Collada, 3DS, Obj, LWO, BLEND, ... - to one ore more output formats while preserving as much of the file contents as possible. Assimp is being used internally. Batch conversion is supported.

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•  A fully playable Jump'n'Run in a (very non-dogmatic) ASCII-Art style which I've been working on with a friend.

The game features a campaign with ~50 levels and a not so epic storyline (but it has achievements!). We released various versions for testing, but we didn't make it to the release so far.

The game is written in Python on top of a thin layer of C++. Screenshots (GER) / Game website (sorry, currently down)


•  Scenegraph-based, lightweight and extremely straightforward 3D engine written in JavaScript using WebGL for hardware acceleration.

One of the goals is automatic detail management and progressive loading to allow medea-based applications to scale to all potential platforms, including mobile devices.

medea is work in progress - Github page.

Realtime vegetation generator

•  An attempt to render an open, streamable world with synthesized, data-driven vegetation evolved using simple cellular automata. The result worked quite well but I came to realize a much more sophisticated system would be needed to get significantly more realistic results.

The project was being worked on in the second half of 2009. Screenshots (sorry, currently down).

Some smaller or work-in-progress projects and also some code snippets that you might find useful can be found on Github.